High School Senior Tips

 Are There any extra charges?

  • No, There are no extra or hidden charges. I know that Senior Portraits are very expensive, I try too keep my prices as low as I possibly can.


Do you charge for outfit changes?

  • Many photographers do charge for clothing changes, but I do NOT.


Are ther limits on the number of outfits I can bring?

  • No, You bring as many outfits as your heart desires. Be sure to bring a variety, most people change their minds on what they want to wear once they get to the shoot.


How many poses will I get to pick from?

  • You will get to pick from as many poses as we take.


How will I view the portraits once they are ready?

  • I will post them on my website, on the clients page, with your name and Senior Portraits following it. (Example: Virginia Scott's Senior Portraits)
  • I will also post them on my myspace, feel free to add me (VSPhotography)

How will I order my portraits after viewing them?

  • You can do this one of many ways.
  • Bring me your form in person ( you will be provided with this the day of your session)
  • Email me
  • Myspace me
  • Call Me: 765-479-4798


Can I bring my animal or other things I do or are interested in?

  • YES. You can bring your animal, Letter Jacket, Sports gear, Musical Instruments, Hobby Material, Pet, Car, Motorcycle, Anything that brings out your personality.
  • If you have a battery opperated CD player and would like to bring it along with some music you like, feel free to do so. This might help you relax and have fun during your session.
  • The only thing I ask is if you are bringing a pet, you may want to bring a small cage of some sort because he/she may not be in all poses.

Can I bring a friend or someone to help me with my hair, make-up, or items I bring to include?

  • Yes, You may want to do that anyway, this way you are not tired from lugging everything around with you.

Make sure to get a good nights rest, this way you will be energetic, happy and maybe not have those puffy eyes from not much sleep.



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