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 Why is wedding Photography so expensive?

  • You are not only paying for the portraits, you are also paying for the photographers time and talent. Editing and proofing can easily add up to 50-80 hours sitting in front of the computer.


Can my friends and family order pictures directly from you?

  • Absolutely. All of your pictures will be added to my website. This way everyone can view and order those memorable moments without bothering you.

Is it okay for my friends and family to take pictures too?

  • Yes. The only thing I ask is for everyone to try not to get in the way. Trying to work around others makes it harder to keep everyone's attention that is actually in the picture. It also takes more time (time you are paying for). I can however recommend that you have some disposable cameras to set on tables at the reception. You will have a blast going through them seeing what moments everyone has captured for you.

Can I request specific pictures to be edited a specific way?

  • Yes. Color changes, black and white, and blemish are at no extra charge. I can say however there will be added charges for the more extreem editing (removing and object/person that is not wanted in the picture).

How long will it be before I can view my pictures?

  • I will have all pictures done within 4 weeks
  • I will upload your pictures as I get done editing them so be sure to check back frequently so you can view them as I finish.

If you have any further questions you can contact me via email, by phone at 765-279-8832 or 765-237-4387, or you can also contact me via myspace.

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